Comprehensive Eye Exams

Examining your eye system, prescribing glasses, and more.

We provide comprehensive eye exams for patients in St. Catharines including:

– Checking how the visual system is functioning
– Maximizing visual potential
– Checking the health of people’s eyes

Our main focus is children’s eyecare, but I started my own office to take care of entire families. By being able to examine an entire family, it helps us look out for generational problems that may start out with Grandpa and can be passed down.

So yes, our office provides eyecare for ALL AGES.

We also take our time with your eyecare, so each exam can run between 20-30 minutes. If there are issues that need to be explored further, then we will try to schedule you the extra time to get the proper care for your concerns. Sometimes one visit is not enough. You can also expect a kind and patient experience for you and your family.

We also offer direct billing to most major insurance companies.


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